INSURGENT by Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is one of my favorite authors, and her new book, Insurgent, proves just why. Insurgent was a fast paced action adventure that I could not stop reading. When I finished reading the first book, Divergent, I had to find out what happened next!

The Factions are in ruins. Dauntless have split into two groups. Most of Abnegation is dead. Erudite is seeking and destroying all the Divergent, including Tris. Becoming a leader and celebrity she does not want to be, Tris must overcome obstacles, physically and mentally. It seems like she can trust NO ONE. And even worse than that (if you can get worse), Marcus has a secret. A secret she will learn, one way or another. But first she must survive. And to survive, they must bring down Erudite, once and for all. But do they really want to know the secrets that lay in store for them?

I love how the author builds and develops her characters. Roth did a great job in describing and making them come to life. She took the time to describe how her characters walked, talked, and looked. I walked down the halls of my schools picturing Tobias and Tris in my head. I felt like she was describing real people doing real things! Plus, every character had a unique personality. Whether they were funny or flirtatious, they were all unique. Every character was different. Also, every character had a different kind of slang in the way they spoke. I could hear the characters speak in my mind.

Also, Roth describes the city in such a way that I expected to find it in the 2012 Atlas. I could see the crumbling walls of the buildings and the glamorous new buildings. I could smell the faction less camp and taste the food that people ate. Every bullet that was shot, I could feel and hear the shot come out of the gun. The suspense was so realistic that I could feel every part of it. I give this book a full heartedly 4 out of 5. I keep the extra star because Roth leaves me hanging off a 1000 foot cliff. Now I have to wait a whole year to read what happens next. I read this book on the edge of my seat, because of the suspense and action! I did not want to put this book down! Roth has created a great page-turner that should be on every ones “got to read this” list. Roth has made another great page-turner adventure!

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  1. My congratulations to you, Bryson. I hadn't been keen in reading this sequel but your review has convinced me otherwise. Though the enthusiasm is an unnecessary abundance, it was a great review. I'd like to see more of his reviews.