THE FAERIE PATH by Frewin Jones

I went to the library with my sister, I came across The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones. My sister was showing me the books that she had read and liked when I asked her about The Faerie Path. She chose not to read The Faerie Path because it isn’t in her best interests.  I picked up the book anyway and read the back cover. Little did I know that Faerie is the French spelling for Fairy in English. Even though the book is named The Faerie Path, it is not about Fairies.
            Anita Palmer is turning sixteen very soon. She loves her family, friends, and new-found boyfriend. Her world may not be perfect but she has everything she could ever want. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday she disappears into a completely different world. She is lost, but luckily she found she found a friend named Gabriel. She finds out quickly that she is Princess Tania, the seventh daughter of King Oberon. She could walk between the mortal world and the Faerie world, if she knew how to control her power. Her soul is split between both worlds and she isn’t sure what to do. She wants to see her friends and family but at the same time Gabriel and others won’t let her. With Gabriel trying to steal her power, will she ever see her “true” parents again or will she find a way to travel to both worlds without getting lost again?
            The plot development has an interesting format. I loved the way it is set up to make every page so realistic even though it could never happen.
“Strange new muscles flexed on her back and she felt the air stir. She drew herself up onto her hands and knees. There was no pain now. Grasping the rim of the sink, she pulled herself to her feet.”
            In this passage Anita grows wings on her back. Jones makes it so realistic that you can believe that growing wings can really happen.
            Jones made the character development so marvelous that each page was a new adventure.
“His head rested against thread bare velvet cushions. His golden hair hung around a lean, care-lined face. Anita had seen that face before, just for a few moments when she had first stepped onto the gallery above the great hall. It was the man she had seen on the throne, the man with the neat beard and mustache, with the sharp, angled cheekbones and the flashing blue eyes. Except how his expression was filled with sadness and his eyes were hooded, as if he was lost in deep, heartbreaking memories.”
            Jones refers to the king as if he were looking straight at him. There are many more great page-turning passages in The Faerie Path and exciting adventures too.
            If I were to rate this book on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a ten. The plot, the characters, and everything was just right. I understood everything and really got into The Faerie Path. The Faerie Path is part of a series of books that I encourage people to read. Every book is a new adventure.
Reviewed by Lori Howard
8th Grade

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