IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin

I have recently finished the novel Impossible by Nancy Werlin. This romantic teen fiction book is a haunting, thrilling, romantic puzzle. Impossible shifts in point of view between two characters, Lucy and Zach.
Lucy Scarborough is a seventeen year old girl with a normal life. She has friends, goes to school, and is excited about her upcoming prom. All is well  and normal in her life until she turns eighteen and has to race against time to break a curse that has haunted generations of Scarborough women. Like her mother before her, and her grandmother, and EVERY woman of the Scarborough line, Lucy becomes pregnant and has to complete three impossible tasks before she has the baby. If she doesn’t she will go insane and forever be owned by the Elfin Knight with no freedom, and spiral into a life of insanity and heartbreak.
The structure of the book is unusual it has lots of flashbacks and switches characters point of view.  Many might find this structure to be confusing, but Werlin kept me interested in the novel through this method of writing.  I couldn't help but keep reading, and found it hard to put the book down.  I also like the way the author used the song lyrics from "Scarborough Fair" to help Lucy unravel the mystery behind the curse.  Lucy's mother also left her a parcel of letters that Werlin uses snippets of throughout the novel. This helped me understand why the letters were so important and vital to help Lucy break the curse.
But by the time her eighth birthday arrived, Lucy had forgotten all about the secret compartment and the T-shirt, and about the mysterious papers with the faded, tight, urgent handwriting. She would be seventeen, and in deep trouble, before she remembered.
I would rate Impossible an eight out of ten  because of the way the author wrote and made me feel like I was Lucy going through the tasks. Impossible was unlike any other book I have ever read; it was an unimaginable journey with an extraordinary ending.
 I will definitely be reading the other books written by Nancy Werlin.

Reviewed by Blaire Barker
8th Grade
**NFMH** For more details about this awesome book, check out this novel trailer by the book's publisher.

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